AirDog: The World’s First Auto-follow Drone for GoPro

Aerial drones seem to be becoming a more common site, and the latest technology from AirDog features a very unique spin. Originally funded on KickStarter, AirDog have created the world’s first drone that auto-follows its subject. We think this is insanely cool, you essentially strap a small tracking device to you (which also controls the drone) and you’re good to go, the flight is completely autonomous (demo video above).


Although it’s not featured in the demo, we think this technology is very exciting for climbing. Photography and Videography of climbers has always been difficult, you either get the standard arse shot from the belay, or the improved ‘looking down’ show from above (which is much harder to rig – even more so if you’re on your own).


With the AirDog, it looks like you could set the drone to hover behind, or above the climber as they go – the perfect shot. We’ll be following this one closely! For more info visit: