Alex Megos Makes First Foreign Ascent of Hubble

German climber Alexander Megos recently posted the first foreign ascent of the classic rock-climbing route Hubble. Megos became the sixth man – and the first non-Brit – to repeat the Peak District route, pioneered by Sheffield climber Ben Moon in 1990 and considered, at the time, the toughest rock climb in the world.

As the embedded video shows, Hubble’s rich history was part of its allure for Megos. The German talks about taking on a myth as much as a wall of rock and pays a visit to Moon and his climbing partner Jerry Moffat to get a feel for the Sheffield vibe that inspired the once cutting-edge line.

Initially graded 8c+, Hubble has proved a stumbling block for a number of top climbers and some have even suggested it should be graded 9a. Adam Ondra is arguably the most famous name that failed to send the route and believes that Hubble “could be easily even 9a in my opinion… despite being close I failed. Strong Britons!”

Megos wasn’t too concerned with the exact difficulty of the climb after sending it. “8c+, 9a+ or 8b+. Who cares?! It’s the name that counts! And the name is HUBBLE!” he enthused on Instagram. “It’s a piece of history! Thanks Ben Moon for putting up that thing and for having a vision! A vision for what is possible, the next step!”

Megos’s delight is equally visible in the video, where he describes Hubble as being “really old.” Calm down Alex! Some of us remember 1990!

Megos, of course, wasn’t born until 1993. Hubble is three years his senior but it couldn’t defy him and Megos claimed a piece of history.