New Mulebar Flavours

Brand New Flavours For MuleBar

There’s nothing better for training moral then eating your away sorrows, so this week we’ve turned to MuleBar to extend the power-hour and avoid the onset of food rage – and what better way of doing so then with their 2 brand new flavours: Salted Caramel Kicks energy gel & Eastern Express savoury energy bar.

Salted Caramel Kicks

MuleBar“Recommended for those cold winter days on the tarmac, trail & mountain. A loaded mix of fast and steady releasing carbohydrates formulated to replenish muscles.

We’ve added sodium from Himalayan crystal salts to support hydration, and delicious cocoa to congratulate the taste buds. Our Salted Caramel MuleBar Kicks energy gel is a tasty, easy to digest combination of cocoa, pink himalayan crystal salt, agave nectar and brown rice syrup.”

Our verdict: I’m a bit biased when it comes to Salted Caramel (usually in cake format), anyway the Salted Caramel Kicks is a tasty hit of syrupy energy easily stashed in any pocket –  we found it easy on the belly (I have history with some energy gels upsetting the stomach) and not too sharp to for use when feeling a bit naff when training.

Eastern Express

“When your taste buds need somMuleBarething new, savoury and interesting, make sure you have this savoury MuleBar energy bar in your sports nutrition arsenal. MuleBar is totally natural and tasty ENERGY. Making a truly tasty savoury energy bar has been a long held ambition of ours here at MuleBar. We are all savoury food aficionados.

This energy bar has been made with both a sweet and a savoury side; your brain’s energy receptors register the sweetness whilst your tastebuds acknowledge the spices.

It is the perfect combination for people who are tired of over-sweet bars and who crave something new. Let our Eastern Express MuleBar take you on your own adventure. An east-meets-west marriage of savoury and sweet, spice and intrigue.”

Our verdict: It’s really nice to see to see a proper savoury energy bar, the mix of spices and spice clearly give the pallet something a bit different and delicious. Next time your out stocking up on energy bars, give this new range from MuleBar a try, and that’s not a hard sell… they’re genuinely worth testing out for yourself!

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