Chris Sharma At Work On New, Multi-Pitch Route in Mont Rebei

Chris Sharma has never shied away from a challenge and, judging by the latest video on his YouTube channel, he’s continuing to push the boundaries. Sharma and Slovenian climber Kleman Becan are working on a new, multi-pitch route in the scenic gorge of Mont Rebei in Catalonia.

The setting is spectacular. Sheer walls rise from a channel of pure, azure water. The Spanish sun illuminates the rock face, providing glimpses of lines and the condition of the rock.

Kleman talks in the video about kayaking to the base of the route in the morning and gazing up at the walls of the canyon, discussing the possibilities for new routes and even deep water soloing.

In line with Spanish tradition Sharma and Becan are bolting the current route from the bottom upwards. The 250 metre climb has seven pitches, each assigned its own grade, with the toughest stretch categorised 9a.

Kleman talks in detail about a pitch he and Sharma have nicknamed the Chinese Restaurant. The holds on this stretch are so pinched that the pair can be seen repeatedly using “chicken wing” moves to advance.

The number of falls featured in the video emphasise the technical difficulty of the climbing but Sharma and Becan are clearly enjoying themselves. “This is one of the most impressive lines I’ve ever put up,” Sharma enthuses, “and its gonna be amazing when it finally goes.”