Chris Sharma Posts Deep Water Solo in Mallorca

Chris Sharma has lived in Spain for a number of years and applied his considerable talents to the country’s abundance of rock walls. Recently, the climber posted one of his most impressive Spanish first ascents to date: a line on Mallorcan coastal cliffs named Alasha in honour of his daughter.

The ascent was a deep water solo. Sharma climbed from the sea and swarmed his way up the cliff face without a rope or any protective gear, relying on the fall into water preventing injury should he come off the wall.

Chris Sharma Posts Deep Water Solo In Mallorca

By his own admission, Sharma came off the wall many times. Sharma called Alasha “a long term project that I’d been trying over the last 5 years,” and stated that he “really had to work hard, dig deep and pull out all the tricks in the book,” to finally send the route.

The crux of the climb was a full 18 metres off the ground – or sea – and sent Sharma toward the waves in a big hurry a number of times. Ultimately, he had to rope up to work out the beta of the crux before attempting further solos. “I tried it a ton without a rope,” Sharma emphasised, “but I realised I had no chance unless I rapped in and figured out the super tricky beta. It’s super techy and bouldery with very bad feet and tricky body positions.”

Sharma hasn’t yet suggested a grade for Alasha but compared it to another of his Mallorcan coastal climbs, the rock arch Es Pontas, usually considered a 9a or 9b ascent. Given that Alasha defied Sharma for half a decade and he described nailing the crux as one of his best moments in climbing, it seems safe to assume that the route is a major challenge.

Sharma hasn’t uploaded any videos of the climb to his YouTube profile, but check out the embedded video for historical footage of Sharma deep water soloing on the Mallorcan coast – and taking some major high-dive falls into the waves.