Arcteryx Alpine Evenings

Inspirational Alpine Talks Hosted by Ellis Brigham & Arc’teryx

‘Everest Needs You, Mr Irvine’ is presented and beautifully illustrated by Julie Summers, Irvine’s great niece and biographer and she brings to life one of the most enthralling stories linked to Mount Everest. Irvine was far from the inexperienced ingenu history has suggested. Though only 22, he had crammed into his short life what few men achieve in a lifetime. Set in the Edwardian era, the talk evokes the mood of the early twentieth century and of British climbing at the time of the First World War.

‘The Mazeno Ridge’ by Sandy Allen, recalls his extraordinary ascent of Naga Parbat in Pakistan, the 9th highest mountain in the world, by the 13km Mazeno Ridge. It involved an astonishing exercise in human endurance and determination, including thre dayas with no water, by two men in their 50s. In addition, short film ‘Determination’ by Arc’teryx athlete Luka Lindic will be shown.

Tickets: cost £8 with all proceeds going to The Mountain Heritage Trust.

Dates: 28th January London, 29th January Bristol, 3rd February Manchester.