Puente del Alamilo

The Worlds Most Unusual Climbing Walls

Man-made walls don’t have to be boring, with a bit of ingenuity (and often off the back of existing structures) apparently almost anything can be turned into a climbing wall. So before you take a hammer drill to your local tall building, here’s our pick of the worlds must unusual climbing walls…

Puente del Alamilo, Seville (Spain)

The Alamillo Bridge, located in Seville (Spain), spans the Canal de Alfonso XIII (great canal name) and has a been extensively bolted on it’s very overhung underside.

Puente Del Alamilo Seville Climbing

Excalibur Climbing Wall, Groningen (Netherlands)

Standing at over 37m (121ft) high, the Excalibur is the worlds tallest purpose built climbing wall. It is part of The Klimcentrum Bjoeks (Bjoeks Climb Center) in the town of Groningen, Netherlands.

Excalibur Climbing Wall

Diga di Luzzone (Switzerland)

The Diga di Luzzone is a bolted Arch Dam and currently the highest artificial climbing wall in the world. This brilliant use of a dam consists of a multi-pitch sport climb that winds it’s way up the concave concrete face (read more here).

Diga Di Luzzone Climbing

University of Twente Campus, Enschede (Netherlands)

A climbing wall for hungover students (is that a terrible pun?), we’d like to see more buildings put to use like the University of Twente have done.

University Twente Campus

Historic Banning Mills, Whitesburg (USA)

Historic Banning Mills is more of an adventure park then anything else, but between all the zip lines and stag parties there’s a pretty cool looking climbing wall.

Historic Banning Mills, Whitesburg (USA)